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Sad Shayari Collection -Best sad Tow Lines Shayari 2021

Best sad poetry In Urdu“Sadness, loneliness, these words are too small to say, but they have a profound effect on life. It can be found in ten different types of so-called different things, there is some sadness that makes a person hollow inside, and some a few hours a few minutes a few days. When a person is sad, he is sad and if he is sad, he will try to be alone.

There is a cure for such sadness on our website, which is known as lively poetry by sad people. There are some words in poetry that bring out all the sorrows inside you. Poetry is the only way to get sad people out of their sadness.

There are many such Urdu Shayari on this website, which can make you look happy after reading, or you can get out of a few percent depression,
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1Best Sad Poetry Collection -Download pictures -Copy-Text SMS

Best Sad Poetry In Urdu - 2 lines Urdu Poetry Collection
Best Sad Poetry In Urdu 
  • Urdu Shayari-Dawa Do Mujhko

Meri Chahat Ki bahut lambi Saza Do Mujhko
Kurb eTanhai Mein Jeene Ki Dawa Do Mujhko.

Best Sad Poetry In Urdu - 2 lines Urdu Poetry Collection
Best Sad Poetry In Urdu – 2 lines Urdu Poetry Collection
  • Best Shayari-kagaz ke talvaron se

Talakh Hai Kitna Sukh se Jina, puch na Ya Fankaron Sy
Ham sab Loha Kate Rahe Hain kagaz ke talvaron se.

Best Sad Poetry In Urdu - 2 lines Urdu Poetry Collection
Muhabbat Dukhi Shayari In Urdu
  • Shayari in Urdu -Sanson Ki talashi

Mujh me belos Mohabbat Ke Siva Kuchh Bhi Nahin
Tum Jo Chaho To Mere Sanson Ki talashi le lo.

Best Sad Poetry In Urdu - 2 lines Urdu Poetry Collection
Adat Urdu Poetry


  • Auron Se Ulghty Rahna-Urdu Poetry

Jaane kis Kumar Mein Jayegi yah Aadat apni
Rooth na usse Tu Auron se ulghty Rahna.

2 lines Urdu Poetry Collection
Ishq sad Poetry Image
  • Mureed Usi Silsile Ke Hain-Urdu Shayari Tow Lines
Kahate Hain Ishq Naam Ke Guzre Hain Ek Buzurg
Ham log bhi Mureed Usi Silsile Ke Hain.
sadness Poetry in urdu Images
Sofi Poetry In Urdu


  • Woh Khada Tha Jiska Kachcha hoo-poetry

Gori Dekh Ke Aage Badhana, sahab ka Jhota Sacha hoo
Doobne wale Doob Gaye, Woh Khada tha Jiska kachcha hoo.

Best Dukhi Shayari In Urdu
Poetry Images Download
  • Dard Ka Rista-Sad Shayari in Urdu

Ek Faraz Tumhen Tanha ho, Jo ab tak Dukh Ki Rasayan Ho
Warna Akshar Dil Walon Ne Dard Ka Rista Chhod Diya.

Dukhi Poetry In Urdu -copy poetry site
Nend, Shayari
  • Urdu poet-Bewafa raat bhar nahin aati

Nind bhi Mehboob Ho Gayi Dekho
Bewafa raat bhar nahin aati.

Friends Urdu Sad Poetry Images
Friends Sad Poetry Images Text
  • Urdu sad 2 lines-So Ma Apne Dukh Bhula Baitha

Main Doston Se Thka, dushmanon Mein Ja Baitha
Dukhi Tha Wah bhi, So Ma Apne Dukh Bhula Baitha.

Photo Poetry In Urdu-best sad poetry
Tasveer Urdu Poetry
  • Rain Urdu Poetry-Rimjhim ka Sama

Yun Tasvir Mein barasti Hai purani yaden
Jaise Barsat Mein Rimjhim ka Sama Hota Hai.

Barish Urdu Poetry -Rain Poetry
Rain Urdu Poetry Image Download
  • Barish Shayari in Urdu-Rimjhim ka Sama

Barish Ki mundan Mein jhalakti Hai uski tasver
Aaj Fir bheg bathi Use Pane Ki Chahat Mein.

Sad Urdu poetry Lines-poetry Images
Wasl Urdu Poetry Pics
  • Life Poetry In Urdu-Tera Ishtiyaq Rakhte Hain

Na shoq e Wasl Na ranje Frock Rakhte Hain
Magar yah log Tera Ishtiyaq Rakhte Hain.

life sad Poetry Image In Urdu
Urdu Best Sad Lines Poetry Images
  • Best Status in Urdu-Tujh Se shanasai Hui

Har Kadam Par Ek Thokar , Har Ghadi Zhmmat Nai
Rafta Rafta Zindagi, Tujh Se shanasai Hui.

Khowab Urdu Poetry Images Text Copy Paste-sad poetry
Best Shayari In Urdu 2 Lines
  • Khowab Poetry – Khwab e Tarz Hai

Hosh Udane Lagi Phir Chandni ki Thandi Kiranai
Teri Basti Mein Hun ya Khwab e Tarz Hai Koi.

Verry sad Poetry For woman-Girls Poetry
Tow Lines sad Shayari
  • Bhol Shayari -ek baar Mila De Mujhko

Khud Ko Rakh kar Main Kahin Bhool gayi hun Shayad
Tum Mere Zat se ek baar Mila De Mujhko.


Here is our list of words included today: Love, Love, Grief, Separation, Loneliness, Way, Travel, Life, Lonely, With You, Become Yours Any human being forgets his grief, pain, and anger by reading. There is a lion in this collection. I forgot to put myself somewhere. A girl says this to her companion. And her lover distances herself from her.

Numerous such poems are given above. In order to read poetry, it is very important for you to understand Urdu.
There are some words in Urdu that are beyond the comprehension of the common man, and some people know Urdu very little, even though Pakistan is our national language, yet to understand where such words go inside it. We reach out to our teacher,

Each poetry can have a different meaning, as the poet wrote for the beloved, and you sent it to your enemy, (LOL)

Bookmark our website to get more beautiful poetry, and invite your friends to come here, and be sure to give us your valuable feedback so we can find the next poetry accordingly for you guys. Thank you very much. Remember Allah in prayer.


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