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“Hafeez Jalandhari Poetry” Chaudhry Abu Al-Athar Hafeez Jalandhari because he was born on January 14, 1900, in the Punjab city of Jalandhar (and Rajput family in British India).

Because his father Shamsuddin was a Quran memorized. So, Jalandhari initially studied at a mosque school and later joined a local school. But After that, he got regular education till the 7th class. And because he had a natural love for poetry. So, After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, Jalandhari migrated to Lahore in the new state of Pakistan.

But during World War II, he served in the Army as a Publicity Officer. And He was also a prominent figure in Tehreek-e-Pakistan. So in 1948, an issue arose between Pakistan and India called the Kashmir issue. And Hafeez Jalandhari also played an active role in the liberation of Kashmir.

But he also served as the Director-General of Ethics in the Army. So During 1965, he wrote hymns to encourage Pakistani troops.

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Because of his brilliant work of poetry, Shahnameh-e-Islam gave him incredible fame which, in the style of Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh, is a record of the glorious history of Islam in verse. And Hafeez Jalandhari wrote the national anthem of Pakistan which was composed by SG Chagla. And he is unique in Urdu poetry for the charming melody because of his voice and the rhythms of his songs and melodies. So, His poetry generally deals with romantic, religious, patriotic, and natural themes.

So, he chooses his themes, images, and melodies from the subcontinent and his excellent combination of Hindi and Urdu is a reflection of the comprehensive culture of South Asia. But, for his literary and patriotic services, and he was awarded the prestigious Hilal-e-Imtiaz and the Pride of Performance Awards.

1922-1929 he was also the editor of a few monthly magazines, namely “No One”, “A Thousand Stories”, and “Women’s Civilization”, and “Repository”. So, the first collection of his poems, Naghma-e-Zar, was published in 1935. But, after World War II, he served as director of the Song Publicity Department. And at the same time, he wrote songs that were very popular.
But, he died on December 21, 1982, at the age of 82. and he was buried in Model Town, Lahore, but was later re-buried in a grave near Minar Pakistan.

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top hafeez jalandhari poetry in urdu
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قائم کیا ہے میں نے عدم کے وجود کو
دنیا سمجھ رہی ہے فنا ہو گیا ہوں میں
حفیظ جالندھری
Kayam Kiya hai Main Adam ke Wajood ko
Duniya samajh rahi hai Fanaa Ho Gaya Hun Main.
sanjeda hafeez jalandhari best urdu poetry
یہاں جز کشتیٔ موج بلا کچھ بھی نہ پاؤ گے
اسی کے آسرے دریائے ہستی سے اتر جانا
حفیظ جالندھری
Yahan Jaz Kashti, Mauj Bala Kuchh Bhi Na paoge
Isi ky dariyai Hasti se Utar Jana.

Image of Hafeez Jalandhari Nazam in Urdu

love hafeez jalandhari best urdu poetry
تم ہی نہ سن سکے اگر قصۂ غم سنے گا کون
کس کی زباں کھلے گی پھر ہم نہ اگر سنا سکے
حفیظ جالندھری
Urdu Poetry SMS text
Tum Hi Na Sun sake Agar Qissa E Gam sunega Kon
kis ki Zuban khulegi Phir Ham na Agar Suna Sake.
sad urdu poetry Copy paste
Sad Poetry
آنکھ کمبخت سے اس بزم میں آنسو نہ رکا 
ایک   قطرے   نے   ڈبویا مجھے دریا ہو کر
حفیظ جالندھری

Hafeez Jalandhari Urdu Best Shayari Copy Text

Aankh Kambakht se is bazm Mein Aansu na ruka
Ek Katra na Dboya Mujhe Dariya ho kar.
Shqwa Urdu poetry
Zahie o batin Poetry
احباب کا شکوہ کیا کیجئے خود ظاہر و باطن ایک نہیں 
لب   اوپر اوپر   ہنستے   ہیں   دل اندر اندر روتا ہے
حفیظ جالندھری
Ahbab ka Shikwa kya kijiye, Khud Zahir o Batin Ak Nahin
LabUpar Upar Hanste Hain Dil andar andar Rota Hai.
Hafeez Jalandhari Poetry
shayari in urdu Text
Urdu Shayari images
وفا کا لازمی تھا یہ نتیجہ
سزا اپنے کیے کی پا رہا ہوں
حفیظ جالندھری
Wafa Kal lazmi tha yah natija
Saza Apne kiye ki Pa raha hun.
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ناصح کو بلاؤ مرا ایمان سنبھالے
پھر دیکھ لیا اس نے شرارت کی نظر سے
حفیظ جالندھری
Nasah Ko Bulao Mera Imaan sambhale
Phir dekh liya usne Shararat ki Nazar se.
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Sad Lines In Urdu
میں وہ بستی ہوں کہ یاد رفتگاں کے بھیس میں
دیکھنے آتی ہے اب میری ہی ویرانی مجھے
حفیظ جالندھری
Main Woh Hasti hun ke Yad Rafatgan ke bhes mein
dekhne Aate Hain ab Meri he Veera Ne Mujhe.
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Meri Bsaat Khya The Huzoor Razai e dost
Tinka Sa Ek Samne Dariya ke aage.

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