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“Jummah Mubarak” may peace be upon you, this is the best Friday of the week, a great day. May Allah give us all health and security, ease every difficulty, save us from all troubles. Amen. “God bless us all.”
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 Ya Allah Ham sab ki pareshani Dur Farma - Jummah Mubarak In Urdu
Jummah Mubarak In Urdu-jumma mubarak dua

یا اللہ ہم سب کی پریشانیاں دور فرما آمین

  • Ya Allah Ham sab ki Pareshani Dur Farma, Ameen
Friday Makha Imagejumma calligraphy - Jummaha Mubark in Urdu
jummaha mubarak Status-jumma mubarak quotes in urdu 2021


  • Friday is a big day for Muslims, and it is very important. Muslims celebrate Eid. On this day, all Muslim children, old, young, and women wear beautiful, clean, and pure clothes and perform Jumu’ah in the mosques. Are
 tune Hamare liye jumme Ke Din Ko Azim farmaya-jumma calligraphy Jummaha Mubarak
Happy Friday Social Media Post Image-jumma mubarak images 2021

اے اللہ تو نے ہمارے لیے جمعہ کے دن کو عظیم بنایا ہے
اس روز ہمارے ہر نیکی اور جائز دعائیں قبول فرما آمین

  • A Allah tune Hamare liye jumme Ke Din Ko Azeem banaya hai
    iss Roz Hamari Har naki or jayaz duaaen Qubool Farma, Ameen
 Allah Hamare sagira aur Kabira Gunah-Jummaha Mubarak In Urdu
Jummah Mubarak Dua Picture-jumma mubarak wishes in urdu

اے اللہ ہمارے صغیر اور کبیرہ گناہوں کی مغفرت فرما آمین

A Allah Hamare sagira aur Kabira Gunah Ho ki magfirat Farma, Ameen

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“jumma mubarak wishes in urdu – Happy Friday to all Muslims of the world”

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