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Best Noorul Ain Sadia Punjabi Ghazal Laltain – Punjabi Poetry download Share Copy-Paste

To all the reading friends, peace be upon you and mercy be upon you, these are the very famous Punjabi Urdu ghazals of Noor-ul-Ain Sadia,
The title of this ghazal is Title Laaltain. This ghazal is very popular in Pakistan and neighboring countries where Punjabi is spoken. Share it with your friends. Copy this ghazal and send it to your friend via mobile or download this picture. You can send it to anyone at any time or post status.

1Punjabi Ghazal Laaltain – Best Shayari Punjabi Noor-Ul-Ain Sadia

Noor ul Ain Sadia - Punjabi Ghazal laaltain
Punjabi Ghazal Laaltain

لالٹین نور العین سعدیہ
ٹھنڈے شیشے وچ ولھیٹی ہوئی اگ
مست بہار جیہا عشق
اقرار، انکار دا
کَوڑا مِٹھا پانی
لے جاوے جنگلاں نوں
جتھے مور نچدے نہ تھکن
اوتھے اِکو رُت پیار دی
ہور نہ کوئی موسم دِسے
اوتھے ٹھنڈی شیشے وچ ولھیٹی ہوئی اگ
ٹھنڈی ہی رہندی اے!

  • Noor Ul Ain sadia Best Ghazal – laalten

Thande Shishe Vich vlati Hui Aag
Mast Bahar jihaan Ishq
Iqrar, inkar da
Le jawe Junglan no
Jittha Mor Nacda na Thkn
Autte Eko Ruth Pyar De
Hoor Na Koi Mausam Dase
Uthe Thande Shishe Vich Volati Hui Aag
Thandi hi Randi ea .Noor-ul-Ain Sadia

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